About Us

What is this thing?

This brand new site makes it easy to:

  1. find a bike's geometry, and then
  2. compare it with another.

With time it'll be the world's biggest bike geometry resource. Granted, there's not much competition.

Let us know what you think here - what's useful? What would you change?


A bike's geometry strongly influences its handling, your comfort, your aerodynamics and your power output.

Fit can have far more impact on performance and feel than expensive components.

Why on earth...?

You probably want to compare potential new bikes and your existing bike(s) before you buy.

Finding the right geometry chart for an older or second hand bike can be hard. It usually involves lots of Google image searches and not being entirely sure you've found the right model year.

When you do eventually find it, the information is never laid out the same way between brands. It's tricky to compare more than a couple of aspects without writing it all down.

Yes, there are bigger problems in the world, but we'll fix this one.

Who built it?

Bob Gray - Chief Bike Geek

Bob is good with bikes, and dabbles in code.

He loves everything on two wheels, and has mountain, road, track and cyclocross bikes... and the collection is growing.

Previously he ran a business refurbishing second hand bikes, but has now returned to 'proper' work.
David Toy - Chief Web Geek

Dave is good with code, and dabbles in bikes.

He's an experienced product manager for tech companies. In his spare time he also runs HayHub.com, the world's leading hay trading site.

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