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JamisAllegro Elite / Comp Disc / Comp / SPort2014
JamisAllegro Elite/ Comp/ Sport2012
JamisAllegro Elite/ Comp/ Sport Femme2012
JamisAllegro Elite / Comp / Sport Femme2014
JamisAllegro X Comp/ Sport Femme2012
JamisAllegro X Elite/ Comp/ Sport2012
JamisAurora Elite2012
JamisAurora Elite2014
JamisBosa Nova2012
JamisBoss Cruiser 7, Boss Cruiser Coaster2014
JamisBoss Cruiser Step-over2012
JamisBoss Cruisers2012
JamisC1, C22020-2023
JamisCapri 2.02012
JamisCapri 2.42012
JamisCitizen 12012
JamisCitizen 12014
JamisCitizen 1 Step-thru2012
JamisCitizen 3/ 22012
JamisCitizen 3/ 2 Step-thru2012
JamisCitizen 3, Citizen 22014
JamisCoda Comp2004
JamisCoda Comp2012
JamisCoda Comp2014
JamisCoda Comp2019
JamisCoda Comp Femme2012
JamisCoda Comp Femme2014
JamisCoda Elite2012
JamisCoda Elite2014
JamisCoda S12023
JamisCoda Sport2012
JamisCoda Sport2014
JamisCoda Sport2016
JamisCoda Sport2018
JamisCoda Sport Femme2012
JamisCoda Sport Femme2014
JamisCoda Sport Femme2019
JamisComet 472014
JamisCommuter 12012
JamisCommuter 1 2014
JamisCommuter 1 Step-over2012
JamisCommuter 4/ 3/ 22012
JamisCommuter 4/ 3/ 2 Step-over2012
JamisCommuter 4, Commuter 3, Commuter 2 2014
JamisDakar A22019
JamisDakar Amt2012
JamisDakar AMT 650 Pro / Comp2014
JamisDakar Bam2012
JamisDakar Sixfifty B Comp2012
JamisDakar Sixfifty B Pro2012
JamisDakar XC2014
JamisDakar XC Comp2012
JamisDakar XC Sport2012
JamisDakar XCR Pro2007
JamisDakar XCR Race Frame Kit2012
JamisDakar XCR Race (with 120mm Fork)2012
JamisDakar XCR Team Frame Kit2012
JamisDakar XCR29 Pro2012
JamisDakar XCR29 Race2012
JamisDakar XCR29 Race / Comp / Sport2014
JamisDakar XCR29 Team / Pro2014
JamisDakar XCT 650 Pro / Comp2014
JamisDakar XCT 650 Team / Race2014
JamisDakar XCT Comp2012
JamisDakar XCT Pro2012
JamisDakar XCT Race2012
JamisDakar XLT 1.02003
JamisDakota AL2005
JamisDakota D29 Race / Comp / Sport2014
JamisDakota D29 Team / Elite / Pro2014
JamisDakota DXC 29 Pro2012
JamisDakota DXC 29 Race2012
JamisDakota DXC 29 Team2012
JamisDakota-DXC Pro Frame Kit2012
JamisDakota DXC Race2012
JamisDakota DXC Race Femme2012
JamisDakota-DXC Team Frame Kit2012
JamisDakota Pro2018
JamisDakota Sport2016
JamisDefcon 22017
JamisDragon 292009
JamisDragon 292020
JamisDragon 29 Race2011
JamisDragon 29 Race2012
JamisDragon 29 Race2014
JamisDragon 29 Sport2012
JamisDragon 29 Sport2014
JamisDragon 650 Pro / Sport2014
JamisDragon 650b2012
JamisDragon Pro 262011
JamisDragonfly 26+2017
JamisDragonslayer 12019
JamisDragonslayer 26+ Pro2017
JamisDurango 29 Comp / Sport2014
JamisDurango Race/ Comp/ Sport2012
JamisDurango Sport Femme2012
JamisDXT Comp / Sport2014
JamisDXT Comp / Sport Femme2014
JamisEarth Cruiser 1, Earth Cruiser 2, Earth Cruiser 32014
JamisEarth Cruiser Step-thru2012
JamisEarth Cruisers2012
JamisExile Comp2012
JamisExile Race2012
JamisExile Sport2012
JamisEXILE SS2007
JamisExplorer 12014
JamisExplorer 2/ 12012
JamisExplorer 2/ 1 Step-thru2012
JamisExplorer 22014
JamisFaultline A12020
JamisHighpoint A12019
JamisHighpoint A12020
JamisHot Rod 12”2012
JamisHudson Easy 3 & Easy Cb2012
JamisHudson Easy 3 & Easy Cb Step-thru2012
JamisHudson Sport2012
JamisHudson Sport DLX / Sport / Easy-3 / Easy2014
JamisHudson Sport Step-thru2012
JamisHudson Sport Sx2012
JamisHudson Sport SX2014
JamisHudson Sport Sx Step-thru2012
JamisIcon Elite2019
JamisIcon Elite / Pro 482014
JamisIcon Pro2015
Jamisicon pro2018
JamisKomodo 27.5+2019
JamisLady Bug2012
JamisLaser 1.62012
JamisLaser 2.02012
JamisMiss Daisy 1.62012
JamisNemesis Pro2019
JamisNemesis Race / Comp / Sport2014
JamisNemesis Team / Pro2014
JamisNova Pro2012
JamisNova Pro2014
JamisNova Race2012
JamisNova Race2014
JamisNova Sport2014
JamisQuest Comp2015
JamisQuest Elite2016
JamisQuest Elite2018
JamisQuest Elite / Comp / Sport Femme2014
JamisQuest Femme2012
JamisRenegade A12020
JamisRenegade C12020
JamisRenegade C12024
JamisRenegade C1/C22023
JamisRenegade Elite2017
JamisRenegade Elite2018
JamisRenegade Escapade2018
JamisRenegade Expat2017
JamisRenegade Expert2015
JamisRenegade Expert2017
JamisRenegade Exploit2018
JamisRenegade Explore2020
JamisRenegade S1/S22020
JamisRenegade S22023
JamisRenegade S32023
JamisRenegade S42020
JamisRenegade S4/S32021
JamisRenegade S4 / S4 LTD2024
JamisSatellite Comp/ Sport2012
JamisSatellite Comp/ Sport Femme2012
JamisSatellite Sport2011
JamisSequel S22022
JamisSequel S2 / S32022
JamisSputnik Beatnik 2014
JamisStarlite 2.02012
JamisSuper Nova2012
JamisSupernova Team/Elite2014
JamisTaxi 16” Step-over2012
JamisTaxi 20” Step-over2012
JamisTaxi 24” Step-over2012
JamisTaxi 26”2014
JamisTaxi Standard2012
JamisTaxi Step-over2012
JamisTrail X2021
JamisTrail X2/X12012
JamisTrail X2/X12014
JamisTrail X2/X1 Femme2012
JamisTrail X2/X1 Femme2014
JamisTrail X32012
JamisTrail X32012
JamisTrail X32014
JamisTrail X3 Seroje 17"2012
JamisTrail X3 Seroje2012
JamisTrail X6502014
JamisTrail XR2012
JamisTrail XR2014
JamisTrail XR Femme2012
JamisTrail XR Femme2014
JamisVentura A12020
JamisVentura Comp2012
JamisVentura Comp Femme2012
JamisVentura Race2012
JamisVentura Race2013
JamisVentura Race / Comp2014
JamisVentura Race / Comp Femme2014
JamisVentura Race Femme2012
JamisVentura Sport2011
JamisVentura Sport2012
JamisVentura Sport2014
JamisVentura Sport Femme2012
JamisVentura Sport Femme2014
JamisX 2.02012
JamisX 2.42012
Jamisxenit comp2011
JamisXenith Comp2012
JamisXenith Comp2012
JamisXenith Comp Femme2012
JamisXenith Comp Femme2019
JamisXenith Elite2012
JamisXenith Elite Femme2012
JamisXenith Endura Comp2012
JamisXenith Endura Comp Femme2012
JamisXenith Endura Comp / Sport Femme2014
JamisXenith Endura Elite2012
JamisXenith Endura Elite / Comp / Sport2014
JamisXenith Endura Elite Femme2012
JamisXenith Endura Sport2012
JamisXenith Endura Sport Femme2012
JamisXenith Pro2012
JamisXenith Pro / Race / Comp Femme2014
JamisXenith Race2012
JamisXenith Race Femme2012
JamisXenith Sl2012
JamisXenith Sl / Team / Pro Race / Comp 2014
JamisXenith T2/ T1/ T2012
JamisXenith T2, Xenith T1, Xenith T 2014
JamisXenith Team Di22012